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You are entitled to compensation from the insurance company for the car that has caused you damage. But the regulations are complicated at times, and it can be difficult to know what it takes to get compensation from the insurance company for the damages and losses you have suffered.  You can search by personal injury attorney near me from the law firm phrase and that is the reason that you can do the following:

Contact for a free call with a lawyer if you are injured following a traffic accident. However, there are six points you should be aware of before proceeding with your compensation case:

1.The Three Main Conditions Of Compensation

There are three so-called main conditions that must be met in order to receive compensation: “Liability basis”, “causation” and “financial loss or permanent and significant damage”. From the lawyers you will be able to have the best option now.

Basis Of Liability

There must be a basis of responsibility. This compensation condition is met when you have sustained damage caused by a car or other motor vehicle, although no one can be blamed for the damage.  The lawyer will inform you that.


There must be a causal link between the car accident and the injury. The requirement for causation has both an actual and a legal side, and often raises complicated legal-medical issues, the lawyer says.

Therefore, it will usually be necessary to obtain an assessment of the causal question from one or more medical experts, and the injured party will often need legal assistance to clarify whether this compensation condition is fulfilled.  You will get the best directions from the law firms now.

Financial Loss Or Lasting And Significant Damage

You must have suffered an economic loss as a result of the injury, or you must have sustained and sustained medical damage that may entitle you to compensation under the Compensation for Damages Act.

Subsistence compensation is a compensation item that is intended to cover so-called “non-financial loss”. That is, losses related to sustained and significant damage that cannot be measured in money, such as living with chronic pain, sleep problems, and lost life. In order to qualify for disability compensation, a permanent medical disability of at least 15 per cent must normally have been inflicted, she says.

The financial loss that may be claimed under car liability is divided into the following loss items:

Additional Expenses Incurred

  • Future additional expenses
  • A little homework loss
  • Future homework loss
  • Slight loss of income
  • Future loss of income
  • Loss in retirement pension

Tax Disadvantage

The concrete compensation measure often raises complicated legal-economic issues. Therefore, the injured party will usually need legal assistance to obtain the correct compensation.

2. Special Requirements For Neck Injury

Do you have a neck injury? The Supreme Court has assumed that four cumulative conditions, the so-called Lie criteria, must be fulfilled in order for the condition of causal link between the accident and the injury to be met. Consult with the attorneys for the same.

These Four Terms Can Be Briefly Summarized As Follows: 

  • There must be adequate trauma. That is, mechanical forces must have worked sufficiently to damage biological tissue.
  • There must be acute symptoms from the neck or head within a maximum of three days.
  • There must be so-called “bridge symptoms” from the acute phase to a chronic late phase, one year or more after the accident.
  • In addition, the disease picture must be consistent with what one knows about injuries sustained in the neck, and there must be no other more probable causes of the injury.

Although it is only for neck injury that the Supreme Court has assumed that the above conditions must be met, insurance companies often claim that all these conditions must be fulfilled regardless of the type of injury, the claims lawyer says.

3. It Is You Who Has The Burden Of Proof That The Conditions Of Compensation Are Fulfilled

You, as the injured party, have the burden of proof that all the compensation conditions are met. For example, there is a causal link between the car accident you have been exposed to and the damage you have suffered. You should therefore know what you can do to secure evidence that will be crucial to whether you want to win a claim after a car accident.

She Recommends That You Do The Following If A Car Accident Occurs:

Report the accident and injury you have suffered to the police as soon as possible. Seek medical attention, doctor or hospital and have all your complaints recorded after the car accident within 72 hours of the accident.


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