Riding Lessons

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Riding Lessons

We offer quality riding instruction year round for all ages and levels of experience. Our program emphasizes safety, skills progression, and safety in our quiet and low-key environment! Riders are taught proper equitation, how to control the horse at all gaits, how to establish a good seat right from the start, and how to move forward with confidence! FUN is a big part of ALL our lessons! 

Our instructors will keep you engaged the entire lesson and explain to students not only how to ride but why we do the things that we do when we ride, ie. keeping your heels down etc.  

You will never mindlessly ride around the ring in circles! Our lessons consist of different exercises for horse and rider, age-appropriate games to enhance skills, lunging, and the use of many different types of props such as jumps, poles, cones, barrels, rings, tarps, and more! 

Lessons take place in our outdoor grass riding ring and outside of the enclosed ring as often as possible in our beautiful fields and trails. Students gain vital skills necessary while riding in the open but also a sense of freedom and pleasure only gained from such an experience! 

Lessons occur daily, mainly on the weekdays. We are very flexible during the week and can teach lessons in the morning, afternoon, or evening! Weekends are rather tough for us to squeeze in lessons as we have a busy show schedule and a full day of guided trail rides!  
We have over 12 school horses and ponies for riders of all sizes and levels. Our horses are quiet and are trained to be great teachers!  

In addition to teaching, our staff of professional instructors actively ride themselves, train horses, compete, and supervise competing students on our school horses.   


Suggested Apparel For Riding Lessons  

For your safety, an approved riding helmet (provided), hard-soled shoes with one-inch heel, and long pants are recommended. Riding pants or long slacks and tall boots or chaps are recommended for your comfort.


We teach the following disciplines:

  • English-Style Riding (Hunter/Jumper) 
  • Dressage
  • Western Riding (We can focus on events such as barrel racing, pole bending, etc)
  • Trail Riding 
  • Vaulting
  • Driving